Beauty Cottonwood trees, John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Sunsets. It occurs to us, we are sometimes blind to beauty. A crowded market. The genuine laughter of children. We barely sleep, dreaming only of all the “togetherness” coming our way. What do people even smell like anymore? Our mother’s bosom feels nearer to a stranger. We fall toContinue reading “Beauty”

whispered on the moor

whispered on the moor a dream came to me recently it broke through the morning past sunrise and into my waking thoughts in this dream I walk the rocky shoreline of a rust-coloured beach finding coins along the way over and over I place these treasures into my palms pounds, shillings and pence the furtherContinue reading “whispered on the moor”

the curious nature of childhood

The Curious Nature Of Childhood a soul inside a body that falls from a bicycle blood flows from skinned knees, gravel under skin birds-eye view The me that watched the me that wondered: “Will I be in trouble?” “Does Karma know I left my friend’s house late?” what is disobedience if not genuine forgetfulness anContinue reading “the curious nature of childhood”

A World Set Ablaze

A World Set Ablaze We are burning. A world set ablaze, by “Us and Them.” We no longer recognize, friend from foe. The mounting lies and half-truths sicken us, make loathsome borders about our hearts. We fan the flames of division, speak without thought. Tempt ignorance. A fractured whole, this ruptured core an inferno. ThisContinue reading “A World Set Ablaze”

Seeing Through the Trees

I miss Saturday road trips in my old car. A stick-shift silver Volvo, with cracked leather seats and a busted overdrive. Nothin’ better than Paul Simon, a packed lunch and a book, noon-bound for China Beach. The twisted, turning roads, listening to “Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes,” full blast. I’d sing and driveContinue reading “Seeing Through the Trees”

poetry pre-requisite

poetry pre-requisite make inferences: Koyczan, Cohen, Crozier then none at all sit with Morton, expose your roots plant thoughts in the earth of your words and cultivate them study Pelman, to travel the world make of your work, a train station journey there, stay awhile, leave remember home, light through the window seek out heirloomsContinue reading “poetry pre-requisite”

ANAM CARA (Soul Friend)

ANAM CARA (Soul Friend) If I shared with you the coward in me—what keeps me awake at night, we’d likely become friends. We’d share our torments and contemplate the afflictions of our humanness, the absurdity of perfection. This would be the way we came to know one another. This would be the way we met.Continue reading “ANAM CARA (Soul Friend)”

Four Passes Through The River ~ Found Poem Pt.1

Four Passes Through The River ~ found poem Pt.1 the song of water once a breathing spirit exiled to stand as if excess the will of water makes narrow passage of lies silence the magic of water tilts the earth calling heaven back the bones of water the thing itself a signature of God living


prison I remember depression. Melancholy, a set of hooks upon my face. Weighted chains pulled skin from my smile. A mind in endless chaos, a pain like no other. My spirit dimmed, any chance of freedom thwarted by despair. And so it was, that in this despair, this turning away, I realized the prison IContinue reading “prison”

the parachute is you

the parachute is you If ever you stand at the door of an airplane and feel immense fear[something great is about to happen] but you tighten your harness[the universe always has your back] trust in the parachute and consciously[deliberately] decide[practice] to let go, then the trip down will be a damn good deal of fun[appreciation]Continue reading “the parachute is you”

Letters Never Sent ~ for JR

Letters Never Sent ~ for JR My dear ones, I miss you. Earlier today I walked to “Old Towns.” I stopped to pick berries along the way. The salmonberries, sweet and satisfying, brought me to memories from my past and an appreciation for youth. I paused many times to savour the sights and sounds ofContinue reading “Letters Never Sent ~ for JR”

Brick & Mortar

Brick & Mortar Why do we build structures to house our dreams and ideas? Why do we hold back and wait for the comfort and safety of the perfected thing? When can the inspiration of genius take its place in raw form, enter the universe through us, and be uplifted by others at its inception?Continue reading “Brick & Mortar”

fragile at first

Fragile at First It has been said that trees can take away your sorrow. The whole of the forest will swallow your sadness and dispel your grief. Lean against those grand trunks. Feel all of it. Open your wounds to new air and bend toward healing. Make way for the light through the leaves ofContinue reading “fragile at first”

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

No poem today— save that of a turned head, tilted to listen an open mind, called to question a considerate heart, tasked to act. ~ Emily Olsen Unites Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People Article 12 1.”Indigenous people have the right to manifest, practise, develop and teach their spiritual and religious traditions, customsContinue reading “United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”

there are stars

there are stars though we wish to burst forth, unleash our shared love in supernova feel again, the pulse of one another together in perfect proximity the waning is not yet complete though it feels like light years endure this blue-moon time though it feels like light years embrace this exceptional longing— it is notContinue reading “there are stars”

appreciation of beauty

Appreciation of Beauty beauty the perfection of good timing and déjá vu the heart beating in your chest a prayer beauty a newspaper, curled down on one side, your Grandfather winking at you as you giggle, close your mouth, and remember to eat your cornflakes quieter this time beauty this human form spring rain aContinue reading “appreciation of beauty”

that they may know

that they may know I teach my children through music Ella Fitzgerald Dizzy Gillespie Nina Simone because the things I think I know like dust and scratches provide no resonance I teach my children stereo and mono show them a steady hand how to place the needle in the pause before a song the quietContinue reading “that they may know”


Guidance Dear body: breathe eagerness into my life, make keen this vessel bestowed upon me. Dear spirit: evoke in me expressions of joy, delight in a contented nature. Dear mind: manifest the truthful unfolding of my reality, and direct and govern my thoughts with discipline. Dear heart: soften me when I become hard, make gentleContinue reading “Guidance”

Into the Mystic

grief found me today through a Van Morrison song tears as I went about my chores a flood of memories dust particles dance about the room above your collection of vinyl each album packed neatly into a tower of milk crates “Blue,” “Kind of Blue,” “Lady Sings the Blues,” a small maroon Buddha keeps yourContinue reading “Into the Mystic”


Settler I am vine of English Ivy working my way across the forest floor encroaching on every space a colony of green unhindered I plant roots, shallow but insidious I invade I claim everywhere, everything still, I have to be sure these trees, like mountains or rivers, are too, mine for the taking like slitheringContinue reading “Settler”

tender mercy, an exploration with the inner child

tender mercy – an exploration with the inner child when we finally met it felt like I knew you the ease at which our pain ceased in those early days together, made way for many possibilities later, pain emerged we caused it in each other, worked out our demons, we drudged up, dragged out pushedContinue reading “tender mercy, an exploration with the inner child”

a dedication

a dedication If you’re reading this Cody Graham, I’m working on it. You know, “the book,” the one you asked me to dedicate to you in our high school writing class? I’m nearing 43 years old now. Words scattered about in various journals, boxes, notes on my phone, the google drive.You can see it onContinue reading “a dedication”


Steadfast Remember the back of your grandmother’s hands,  her life, a wrinkle of lines your mother’s mother burst forth from stars  through radio waves,  rockets,  and rebellion  to meet you In her time, bombs created constellations  then fell in formation around her heart Decades of war cast shadows on her bones  but from them she forgedContinue reading “Steadfast”

our names etched in the wood remnants of an old shack at Eddy Lake ~ for Leila

Our names etched in the wood remnants of an old shack at Eddy Lake   we knew just how to slide the upstairs window open in unison with the faucet at the kitchen sink parents fill the kettle for tea as we descend the fire escape ladder thankful the light inside the house masks ourContinue reading “our names etched in the wood remnants of an old shack at Eddy Lake ~ for Leila”

Little Cabin Rabby-Tack

Little Cabin Rabby-Tack Little brother freckle-face what do you see? Lying on your stomach, reaching into sea. Driftwood fishing line discarded at your feet, squinty-eyed to sun glare cockabully. Little sister scruffy-hair what do you see? Knees deep in low-tide pools, singing happily. Gumboots full of water Feet and hands in glee, sun-kissed glow ofContinue reading “Little Cabin Rabby-Tack”