What I’m Not Saying

What I’m Not Saying

that pearls are my birthstone,
Am I limited by birth?

Begin each day with a breath
say goodbye to yesterday
like the sun’s light on dew,
a droplet rendered dry

What I’m not saying
is, I’m blind
I’m blinded by love,
the removal of yours

What I’m not saying
is laughter
right from my gut
and it’s contagious.
That laughter, my story
at times ridiculous,
having fun without you.

What I’m not saying
is how good it feels to be on my own
I’ve let go.
Seeing you now is no pain at all,
I’m bigger for your disinterest.

What I’m not saying
is, I’m not sure what life looks like
without you
For all I know
it is full of sun
and breath
and pearls

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