Cultivating Safe Spaces

I became a Certified Cultivating Safe Spaces Facilitator to incorporate meaningful connection, purpose, and trauma-informed approaches in my work and to offer training tools to foster healing for people and the planet and make lasting changes for generations. The necessary conditions, protocols, and perspectives utilized in CSS training support the individual, group, and community. I use these daily in meditations, relationships, parenting, and work practices.

What is Cultivating Safe Spaces? This training provides you with the tools and understandings you need in order to support meaningful relationship building and reconciliation. Reconciliation is an ongoing process and a shared responsibility. This training will provide you with knowledge and practical tools to support your ongoing commitment to working with others. As we decolonize our thinking by understanding ourselves and healing, we better the world for everyone.

You can pave the way forward and set an example for others. You have an essential role in creating change and influencing those around you. This presentation could have an enormous positive impact on how you communicate, respond and manage relationships within your working environment, your network, and even with family and friends. This training will provide you with tools and language to cultivate safe spaces for your teams, clients and partners.

Emily is a welcoming and warm facilitator who has taken the time to ensure she has provided the most inclusive space both physically and emotionally for those who attend. She is well educated, open and honest. The session was empowering and provided a basis of what is needed to begin the process of reconciliation within cultural contexts and within individual families. It was a pleasure to hear the voices of others and their experiences and how they are moving forward to make differences within their communities.

~ Training Participant

For Virtual & in-person training inquiries and rates, please contact me for more information.

Cultivating Safe Spaces Training includes the following:

  • Four Necessary Conditions for Cultivating Safe Spaces – Understanding Self, Love-Based Practice, Patience, and Discipline.
  • Promotion of the Four Protocols for Cultivating Safe Spaces – Well-being, Inclusion, Freedom, and Validation (and why they matter).
  • Exploring the Four Perspectives – Tradition, Relationship, Innovation, Action.
  • Understanding Vicarious Trauma.

Some of the major areas that will be addressed in the training are:

  • Leadership: CSS Training will help better equip you to be a leader in your community. This could be as small as having a ripple effect through family and friends or as big as flowing through into your own workplace and beyond. You will be given the skills to nurture the community through self-awareness and social intelligence. Throughout the training, we enhance the tools you already have and will use them to be a good community member and engage as a better leader.
  • Emotional Intelligence: you will develop the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to deal with difficult conversations and conflicts; you will learn to understand that negativity from others is a reflection on them and not a reflection on you. This will lead to navigating those feelings and standing in your power.
  • Communication styles: everyone hears and learns things differently; as a valid individual within your community, you need to be able to deliver your message in more than one way with an understanding of different communication styles.
  • Self-awareness: The course covers ways to help you realize your strengths, your fears, your accomplishments and the lessons you have learned from the stories you have. It gives you the tools to meet the challenges that you face and combat the fears that are holding you back.
  • Trust building: In this training, you will learn the power of being uniquely you and embracing that. You are the only ‘you,’ and that is your superpower. Trust comes from showing up as you, sharing your story and perspectives from your heart. The Cultivating Safe Spaces training will provide individuals with the tools and understandings they need to support meaningful relationships with their families, communities and organizations. As a member of your local community, everything you learn, you can pass on. This training could have an enormous positive impact on how you communicate, respond and manage relationships within your family, friends and community network.
  • Self-Confidence: We will teach you how to show up with your own knowledge and perspective. When you feel empowered to show up and share your knowledge and your own perspective, you gain confidence in leaps and bounds. After this training, you’ll be more in touch with what is happening inside of you and gain the tools to meet the challenges you may face in your everyday life.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Whether in your local community, your workplace or even at home, CSS training prepares you to have more understanding, clarity and compassion when it comes to diversity and inclusion.
  • Safe Spaces: Understanding the difference between fear-based and love-based decision-making. You will be given tools to understand your triggers as a facilitator of your community. This course will help you create a safe space in a community where people seek to be a part. When you have a safe space as a community, people can speak up more willingly and share things they may not have before. You create a space for more profound influence when people feel safe and accepted.
  • Understanding lateral violence and bullying as a trauma response: We often struggle with lateral violence and bullying within our communities and organizations. This training includes tools for identifying root issues and cultivating safe spaces.
  • Self-Care: What is self-care? How do we set healthy boundaries to avoid burnout and exhaustion?

For Virtual & in-person training inquiries and rates, please contact me for more information.

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