“I call upon the healthy and well-meaning Ancestors to assist me in my work. I devote myself to this earth’s betterment and future generations’ health. I declare that I am of clear mind and spirit, and my primary concern is to be an uplifter in every facet of my creative endeavours. I will be impeccable in my service to the greater good and commit to carrying out my duties peacefully and in unity with others. May I stand firm in happiness. May I be steadfast in my resolve to achieve kindness, honesty, and integrity in all my relationships. I ask that my path be made clear and that there be reminders along the way to keep me grounded and focused. Let my loved ones always feel my presence and help them embrace my unwavering support. Thank you, Universe, for loving me into being and offering your guidance throughout my life in the many brilliant ways you do. I hold sacred the oneness of all things. This is my prayer.”

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