poetry pre-requisite

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poetry pre-requisite 

make inferences: 
Koyczan, Cohen, Crozier 
then none at all 

sit with Morton, expose your roots 
plant thoughts in the earth of your words 
and cultivate them

study Pelman, to travel the world 
make of your work, a train station 
journey there, stay awhile, leave 

remember home, light through the window 
seek out heirlooms and keepsakes 
so when words don't come 
you'll have your mother's recipe, 
an old kettle 
you'll get out of your Funk 

turn toward inspiration 
a chrysanthemum in sunlight 
be curious, as if a raven 

read Gottfriedson, Stenson, and Black 
care not who reads your book 
'cos there are those who will 

pay special attention to Dandurand, PEPAḴIYE
what the birds are doing 

have conviction 
(an ant might possess otherworldly attributes) 
there will be time enough for doubt  
your instincts are of vital importance now 

this world: a circumstance 
of not enough poetry

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