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I remember depression. Melancholy, a set of hooks upon my face. Weighted chains pulled skin from my smile. A mind in endless chaos, a pain like no other. My spirit dimmed, any chance of freedom thwarted by despair. And so it was, that in this despair, this turning away, I realized the prison I inhabited. Until then, sorrow seemed like an impenetrable fortress. This veil now lifted, I witnessed depression for what it was, a cage. I peered at it from this new perspective and saw the smallness of it. It was made known to me, that the entirety of my existence included a reality outside these walls. This revelation awakened a conscious understanding of self and dimensions of possibility began tethering themselves to me. I discovered beauty in the betterment of my perception. A lightness-of-being settled at the altar of my heart and I came to know joy.  

I hold great love for that prison, the forgiveness it required of me, the gentle letting go of what I thought I knew.

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